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Updated Timeline as of February 03, 2010 February 3, 2010

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February 7th : Have xbee communicating with one another/ or similar device
February 14th: Working LED arrays (Knight Rider) in order
February 21st: Final stages of coding before use with LilyPad
February 28th: Lilypad LED’s and Lilypad sewn on shirt; test with previous code


March 7th: Work out any bugs with LilyPad or Arduino programming
March 14th: Begin thinking of installation process
March 21st: Work on documentation of Tweet Sleeve project.


Timeline of Senior Project September 9, 2009

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*updated 10/13/2009*

September 17th – Have bibliography complete.

September 24th- Presentation in class.

October 16th- Purchase materials needed for project- Lilypad, xbee, etc.

October 22nd- Complete research.

November 5th- Presenation #2 in class.

November 12th- Begin production/coding.

December 4th- Have majority of coding complete.

December 10th- Complete first 10 pages of research paper.

January 7th- Continue working out production and coding of project.

January 14th- Start on last 10 pages of thesis.

February 11th- Finish thesis paper.

February 18th- Work out any bugs/problems/issue for project.

March 18th- Finish final details on project and prepare for Senior Show.

April 15th- Have both thesis and project ready for Senior Show.