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Exploring Online Exhibition Pages January 26, 2010

Filed under: Research — vanessasorenson @ 2:25 am

Of the exhibitions provided I have chosen Conflux as an exhibition I find successful and the SFMomma: 010101 exhibition as one that had some issues.

The title of the Conflux festival matches the curatorial focus of the exploration of urban and public space due to the way a city itself is always in conflux. The website is organized in a way that is easily navigable to find the locations where each demonstration/activity occurs. Being involved in preparing for Conflux and being apart of a demonstration I can say that most all of the activities demonstrated urban life and urban space. Many artists focused on ways to change the way a person views urban spaces and communities while also trying to preserve what has already existed.

While the title and website of the 010101 exhibition relates to how people interact and understand contemporary online netart, I find the website so hard to navigate and explore that I believe the design of the website overpowers the context of it. While I believe the intent of the website for the 010101 show is to encourage exploration, clicking through a user manual to find information on any artists involved in the show, takes too much time and I find myself losing interest in any of the netart that the show curated. This exhibition seems aimed more for people who are already emersed within a netart community, and is awfully intimidating to those who are not.


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