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Twitter4J November 15, 2009

Filed under: Research — vanessasorenson @ 2:05 pm

Since I’m putting the XBee communication on hold while I save up money to buy another shield, I have been doing research on Twitter libraries to use to communicate with Processing and my project. It seems so far that the best library for Processing is Twitter4J. Right now I have been experimenting with how to use the library to extract data from Twitter. It seems like the Twitter API is pretty easy to work with since it’s still open source. Im continuing to work on my Twitter data experiments and will hopefully be able to extract the words I want to make some sort of drawing sketch in Processing by the end of November. This sketch will act as a practice run for the project which will need to extract data to make the lights turn on instead of having Processing draw data visualization sketches. (Although, I have thought about using these sketches I create in my installation to create more content than just the Tweet Sleeve.)


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