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Statement of Purpose September 10, 2009

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Statement of Purpose
Throughout my studies as a New Media major I’ve always been interested in the life of the city whether that be the culture or the physical buildings themselves. However, my interests have molded into a deeper understanding of how social networking technology effects the way we interact and communicate within our culture. While this doesn’t deal with the city directly, social networks are a community of their own sort. People have friends, groups, and cliques on social networks, much like in the real world. Technology is a vast part of all of our lives and the goal of this project is to explore how social networking, more specifically Twitter, can demonstrate personalities in the real world via the virtual world.

In this project I hope to put another use to Twitter besides letting everyone know what you had for breakfast. I want to draw the viewer into my Tweets (and possibly their own) by displaying the moods of my Twitter updates categorized by each day, week, month, or year. This will be produced by using Processing and it’s Twitter libraries and also by using a physical computing aspect like Arduino. Through these programs , LED lights will light up according to select key words in the Twitter updates. For example, when Processing detects a pre-designated word for sad, it will then display a blue LED light representing the sad emotion. The outcome of searching for these words in the Tweets will result in a LED light display of the user’s moods of the time slot they allotted and the amount of Tweets the user posted.

I have drawn inspiration from artists like Aram Bartholl, who consistently involves the online social networking world for his own art in the physical reality. A collaboration between Aram Bartholl and V2_Labs has inspired to move forward with this project. The collaboration consists of” four wearable speech bubble pro-typed based on the idea that a Twitter user shows their latest Twitter post in the form of a wearable speech bubble.” Of these four Twitter projects, “Loud Tweets” has inspired me the most. In “Loud Tweets” the user wears a Tweet bubble that has an LED live feed scroll controlled by Arduino. The user’s Twitter updates are shown in real time on the Twitter bubble LED scroll. It’s encouraging to see that other artists are using Twitter and Arduino to make Twitter more than just an update and impersonal experience.


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